NYSCMA Policy For Presentations to Design Professionals
Notice To All NYSCMA Members!

The NYSCMA Board of Directors has approved a "Policy For Presentations to Design Professionals". Follow the instructions below to access the executive director's calendar, then refer to the guidelines of the policy for instructions regarding participation in future presentations in your area. You are also encouraged to search for open dates to jointly schedule a presentation for the architect/engineer firm of your choice.

Purpose: To establish guidelines for NYSCMA Member attendance at presentations made to individual design professional firms by the NYSCMA Association Director.

General: The Executive Director's calendar is available for review by every NYSCMA member via the Association website. It can be accessed as follows:

  • Visit www.nys-,
  • Scroll to the bottom of the home page, click on activities
  • Enter e-mail:, password masonry1
Updates in the presentation schedule on the Executive Director's calendar will be distributed to Members weekly via automatically scheduled e-mail.


Guidelines for Member Participation

Scheduled presentations will appear as follows on the Executive Director's calendar:

I. Presentations Arranged by the NYSCMA Association Director

  1. Presentation Title: e.g. "Concrete Masonry's Contribution to Sustainable Building Projects"
  2. Name of Design Professional Firm: e.g. " ABC Architects & Engineers
  3. Location of Design Professional Firm e.g. "Utica"
  4. Members who wish to attend the presentation should notify the Executive Director a minimum of three days in advance of the date of the presentation.


II. Presentations Arranged and Expenses Paid by NYSCMA Members

  • Presentation Title: e.g. "Concrete Masonry's Contribution to Sustainable Building Projects"
  • Sponsored By: "Name of Member"
  • Name of Design Professional Firm: e.g. " ABC Architects & Engineers
  • Location of Design Firm: e.g. "Utica"
  • Presentations listed as above will be assumed to be closed to other NYSCMA Members, unless otherwise specified by the presentation sponsor.


Please contact me with any questions @ 315-254- 0518; or e-mail:


Nick Carparelli
phone: 315-254-0518
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